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The (Side Hustle is NOW) Dig-ital

Elite Training on the SCIENCE and SOUL of SUCCESS ON-LINE

May 30 – 31, 2020

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An event for digital-era dreamers, doers, thought leaders and learners.

'Have faith in people...and if you give them tools, they'll do wonderful things with them.'

-Steve Jobs-​

The Purpose

To bring the OUTLIERS and MASTERS of their craft together to EMPOWER ALL to up-level their confidence, capacity and contribution on-line..
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The Program

MAY 30-31st 10am - 5pm MST
The SHINDIG-ital will go 10m-5pm both days
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The People


The Speakers

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The Place



Whether it's your living room, kitchen, cabin or quarantine corner;)... if you've got a connection you're in the game.
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The SHIN Dig-ital

(the Side Hustle Is NOW) for the digital era

Strategy. story. branding. business

 ‘there’s a way to do it better. find it.’ -Edison-

In the 1980’s Classic ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” he opens with the line ‘Life moves pretty fast’… Ferris…you had NO idea!… NOW it’s so fast that if you take a ‘Day Off’ it feels like ALL the rules get changed. 

There’s never been a more critical time to recognize that the NEW ERA of Business, Impact and Influence is ON-LINE.

‘YESTERDAY’S home-runs won’t win today’s game’ so success requires our willingness to ACCEPT what is,  ADAPT to the now and LEARN what’s new

THIS can be scary...but we can’t be so afraid of losing that we lose.

TO thrive in the online space it’s not enough just to KNOW more…we need to know HOW (the Science) and better communicate WHY (the Soul). We can work just as hard getting it wrong, so why not get it right.

WE can do this FASTER by learning from masters who’ve ‘cracked the code’, been where we’re going, have what we want and move at a speed that comes only from certainty.

The SHIN DIG-ital is the place. A ‘No Name  ALL Game’ event for any and ALL who know its time to step up bigger, better or simply at all with an on-line presence. It will bring confidence and clarity in today’s marketplace by merging the tools and  tactics of the digital era with the intangible power of certainty, congruence and true authentic expression.

If you want to ‘get with the times’ and be an up and ‘becomer’… scroll and see what’s possible and ALL that you’ll learn.


1) ‘Hard Cost’ risk= Price of a ticket.

2) ‘Opportunity Lost’ risk= Been known to cost a fortune.

This is your invitation to learn from Legends, to come to the ALL-STAR game of  the social and digital era. All you need do is say ‘YES”.


SHINDIG-ital: A large, lively gathering; especially one celebrating something (on-line)

Introducing The Shin Dig-ITAL

Keynote Speakers



RAY is one of the most sought after and respected trainers, speakers and innovative business coaches in the world. He is real, raw, and honest with a ‘tell it like it is’ approach. He is a 2 time best selling author, a social media master and the founder of ‘Rank Makers’, a community that serves multiple thousands of members, with a sole purpose to equip all entrepreneurs with what they need to grow, thrive, adapt and advance in the NOW.


JUSTIN like most dynamos has a ridiculous resume, from author, to International speaker, to Peak Performance Coach and the founder of 4 different multi million dollar businesses. He has acquired well over 3 million customers and grown a massive global empire by utilizing systems, building people, mastering social media and using the Power of Personal Branding. He is a masterful mix of both  heart and grit and a true ‘Prince’ known for always giving ALL he’s got…and he’s bringing it to YOU.

Ben Simkin

world’s #1 Facebook marketer and founder of businessnet.

Ben’s list of accolades, accomplishments and most impressively his contribution to on-line marketing strategies is almost impossible to sum up in a ‘bio’. He’s the founder of BusinessNET, a leading Online Marketing Firm that has increased sales for its clients by over $1.45 Billion (not a typo).

He has done over $2 Billion in sales on Facebook and is considered the world’s #1 Facebook Marketer (not a joke). He is Founder of ‘The Mastermind’ a community of conscious thought leaders with a dedication to ethical business, innovative marketing, mastery, and greater impact for those they serve.





James Lavelle






Angela Martini


Simon Chan


Robert McGuinness


RHonda Swan


Aaron Aponte


Maximize your impact, influence and income on-line


Social Media master

What if you knew what to say, how to say it (and not), how to best utilize the different platforms, with their tips and tricks, and ALL in ways that help Maximize your Impact to help Monetize your life. YOU CAN.

networking ninja

With more contacts, people and prospects available to us than ever before, there is great opportunity but also a stewardship to not abuse and impose, but to USE to better others lives and hence the quality of your reach and your LIFE.

Personal Brand boss

Learn why speaking your truth, finding your flow and showing up in full expression as the most authentic version of YOU is key to attracting your ideal clients and soul tribe community...

killer content creator

Learn the most powerful content and copy writing skills that intrigue, engage, increase your impact, target your tribe, make a difference, evoke action and never have a 'dead end' again.

Freedom mindset muse

Learn the mental toughness secrets necessary to thrive as a digital entrepreneur and fully experience the FREEDOM, LIFESTYLE and JOY that can come from adapting and adopting a
'life by design'.

digital tool titan

See the tangible and tactical tools being used by the pros in today's arena, that not only improve their profile, proficiency and image...but do what tools do up time, automate income. and let us 'try easy' for a change.

What you’ll learn:

Take Your Skills, story, business and brand to the next Level

The power of a personal brand

You don't have a brand . You ARE your brand. YOU are not your company, product, sevice or're YOU. And though you don't need to be MORE than you are will need to be the BEST that you are and ALL that you are.

communication skills

Learn the communication skills needed to ASK powerful questions, evoke emotion, tell compelling story and speak to your target market. If your talking to everyone, your talking
to no one.
Get clear and then speak it into existence.

daily 'Do or die's

The are flat out important Daily Disciplines and Income producing activities necessary to keep focused, see progress and massively increase your self-confidence and belief. You will NEVER always be motivated so you must learn to be disciplined. Hope alone is not a strategy. We must know the work then do the work.

Emotional Intelligence

Learn from the Leading Global experts in Emotional mastery teaching this doesn't mean avoiding emotion or being devoid of them... but knowing how to feel them and how our colleagues, prospects and audience feel. To clear out emotional blockage and heal limiting beliefs in order to strengthen relationships, show up more vulnerable and fully expressed and handle the ever changing environment 'like a BOSS.'

why its time to shine

So there's this quote..."If you bring forth what is within you. What is within you will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you. What is within you will destroy you"
Playing small serves no one. Mainly you. It's time to BRING IT.
ALL IN. Sometimes change needs more than a whisper.

Social Media Mastery

Social Media has now become a currency where we can bring value and expertise in exchange for monetary gain. Learn how to utilize the various platforms for their strengths in order to share YOURS. Your pages and profiles are YOUR digital real estate to find prospects, solve problems and drastically increase your leads, impact and income.

Attraction Marketing Magic

'Everyone wants to buy...but no one wants to be sold'. They don't care about you, your product or your service. (Ouch, I know) They care about their problems. Learn the powerful difference between being a RESOURCE and a SALES PITCH. Where people see you as the solution to their needs and come to YOU.

Killer content creation

Learn the power and flow of engaging posts, rich content formulas that work, tips on WHY and HOW to go 'Live" on social media and how to get more engagement, more eyes and more interest in YOU and hence your brand and offering.

how tuning in is key to maxing out

Tuning IN, knowing your light, trusting your gut and aligning your message is KEY to your clarity and purpose...Clarity leads to certainty...and certainty determines your speed. Get this piece right and you'll not only succeed faster but will experience the 'sweet spot' in the ART of living.

soulpreneur Mindset

"You have to burning with an idea, or a problem, or a wrong that you want to right. If you're not passionate enough from the start, you'll never stick it out" -Steve Jobs-
Let's get your mental game right to not just endure the 'grind' but enjoy the process of being IN purpose ON purpose.


Motivation and clarity are essential in understanding the WHY behind what we do, so we'll 'want to play' and learn the more medial rules and tactics of the game. Stop telling yourself you're not a 'techie'. You can learn anything that you decide matters. Let us show you HOW to use the latest tools available and help conquer the fear of incapacity.

then just add you...

May 30 – 31, 2020

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The Shindig starts in: