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Tim Sales

Elite Network Marketing Trainer

Tim Sales is a legend in the Industry and has been doing Network Marketing for 30 years.

He has earned several million dollars in the network marketing industry, has consulted hundreds of network marketing companies globally, and has had the honour of being interviewed by both Grant Cardone and Larry King as a great Ambassador and spokesperson for the industry.

He taught an MLM certificate course at the University of Illinois.

He is passionate about professionalism and TRAINING believing that all the enthusiasm in the world will not get you where you need to go without the proper skills & training in the areas that REALLY matter most. Tim’s attention to detail in his trainings are second to none.

In his previous life he was a member of an elite Navy Seal unit charged with diffusing bombs underwater. He was so skilled at his craft that his commanding officers had him write the training manual for all new bomb squad members.

He is the creator of the famous “Brilliant Compensation’ as well as the training “Professional Inviter’, which sold over 100 million copies in 40 different languages…

Tim is a legend in the Industry and has been one of the most influential Direct Sales Trainers in the world.

You will be able to experience this level of meticulous teaching first-hand the day of the event.

May 30 – 31, 2020

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